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Entry of Foreign Nationality into Japan✈

Hi everyone!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the entry of foreign tourists has been severely restricted.

Currently, it is possible to enter Japan if you meet the "Special Circumstances" specified by the Japanese government.

If you have any concerns and questions, please feel free to send us an email in English, and the Assist14 agent will support you.

Here is a story of our guest who came to Japan from Houston, USA during the period when entry was allowed.


Before the Departure

​"My preparations before departure went smoothly. There were no major concerns and delays. The state of the airport at my departure point was orderly with no disturbances. To be safe, I took two Covid tests. The results were all negative and received before the date of departure. My sponsor in Japan chose your service with high recommendations."

During the Flight

"​There was no congestion in the flight. The business class was less than half-full. My neighboring seats were empty. The in-flight announcements, cabin crew services, clothing, meals, alcohol services were all excellent."

After Arrival at Narita Airport

"Upon arrival, there was no waiting time on board. Passengers deboarded immediately. The procedures of PCR test, the guidance of quarantine staff, PCR test method, quarantine questions, immigration procedures were orderly and understandably tedious. I went through five to six different desks. The staff at each desk was professional, polite, and quite effective. Other passengers appeared calm, patient, and cooperative."

Pick-up Service

"​The pickup service was the best that I have ever experienced. There was no waiting time. Guiding the pick-up location was very clear. I had no problem finding the vehicle. The driver was very courteous, well-dressed, and very helpful in handling luggage. He has a great attitude and speaks good English. The car was very clean and the ride was very comfortable."


"The instructions for check-in were clear and easy to follow. I didn't have a chance to review the check-in manual because I was already on board my flight when the manual was sent. That, however, did not cause any inconvenience. An Assist14 agent messaged me the key-box information and that was all I needed to open the door and check-in."


​"The size of the room, the floor plan, the interior, and my first impression were all positive, considering this is in Tokyo, one of the most populated and expensive cities in the world."

Room Facilities

"​The beds are comfortable. The equipment is in good working condition. Amenities and consumables are more than adequate."

Room Cleaning

"​The room is super clean, just like all good Japanese hotels."

Assist14 Service and Support During Your Stay

"During my stay here, I only had one question about the operation of the washing machine. The Assist14 agent responded immediately, answered my question, and resolved the issue."


Some of Assist14's agents live outside of Japan, and all of our agents provide 24-hour English and Japanese support to guests coming to Japan from various countries!!

Contact us!

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