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International students entry assist package
(Students only) 

Japan has opened the border for business and study purposes since March 1, 2022.

This package is designed for those people entering Japan as a student and need a place for quarantine.

Overview of regulations

A duration and a form of quarantine differ depending on,

・Which country you are flying from

・Whether you have vaccinated 3 times

Please check which rule applies to you before your departure.

*Vaccination certificates in the table below indicates the 3rd dose.

Border measures.jpg

Designated countries

Iraq, Iran, all over India, Indonesia, Egypt, South Korea, Saudi Arabia, Singapore,

Sri Lanka, Turkey, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, Myanmar, Mongolia, Jordan,

all over Russia

Please refer to the following website for more details regarding border measures

Package details

Our properties



Hirai Studio

Room detail:


Rates:4 nights 30,000JPY 8 nights 48,000JPY(Tax included)


Higashi-Nakano Studio

Room detail:


Rates:4 nights 35,000JPY 8 nights 53,000JPY(Tax included)


Sport Tokyo (1st floor)

Room detail:


Rates:4 nights 32,000JPY 8 nights 50,000JPY(Tax included)


Nishi-Ogikubo Studio

Room detail:


Rates:4 nights 42,000JPY 8 nights 62,000JPY(Tax included)


Okachimachi Studio (2/3F)

Room detail:


Rates:4 nights 42,000JPY 8 nights 60,000JPY(Tax included)


Prime Suites Tokyo (3-8F)

Room detail:


Rates:4 nights 44,000JPY 8 nights 60,000JPY(Tax included)


Ryogoku Studio (1F-5F)

Room detail:


Rates:4 nights 36,000JPY 8 nights 54,000JPY(Tax included)

*Rates indicated above can be different depending on check-in dates.

PCR test options

①PCR test kit delivery

A PCR test kit will be delivered to your room.

19,800JPY+5,000JPY(our support fee upon request.) 

②PCR test at a nearby clinic

Except Hirai Studio and Sport Tokyo, each property has clinics where you can take a PCR test within a walking distance. 

Prices differ depending on the clinic. 

List of clinics (available only in Japanese):

Please be aware that public transportations cannot be used to get to the clinic.

You will be asked to install an application "MySOS" when you enter Japan, this is the application which you report your health condition and your location. 

After receiving a negative certificate, you can upload it on MySOS application. Your 3-day-quarantine will be ended once you have received a notification from the application.


Cancellation policy

・Payment by credit card. 

・Free cancellation up to two days prior to the check-in date.

・40% charge for cancellation until the day before the check-in date.

・100% charge for cancellation on and after the day of the check-in date. 

・If your PCR testing came out positive, you will likely be hospitalized. In that case, all our contracts will be reimbursed. 

We will be happy to help you, please feel free to inquire us if you have any questions!

Form for Quotes and Inquiry

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